Because your dissertation is your First and Very Important Research Paper

Editing, Proofreading and Formatting are very important!

Submit Your Dissertation with Confidence

Your dissertation showcases your academic competence and contributes directly to your grades, your degree, and your job prospects. You've worked hard to put it together.   But given the importance of this academic document, you may decide you need some professional help with it to ensure it meets the standards of the dissertation committee.  That's where I come in!

My dissertation editing, proofreadiing and formatting services are structured to address the specific challenges you face when writing it.  These services have been designed to ensure that your work adheres to the highest academic standards so that you can submit it with confidence!

4 step process

1.)  Submit your dissertation to me by email to,  I will review it and respond to you with a price to complete the work required.  The quote will only be valid for 2 days.

2.)  Once you have approved the cost, I will prepare a simple contract and email it to you to be signed, dated and returned with 1/2 of the cost of the work involved. Forms of payment accepted are Paypal, Money Order or Check made payable to DeAnne Corley.  Once received, I will then use my prior dissertation writing, editing, formatting experience to focus on the key aspects of your document, without altering its content or meaning.

3.)  Once your dissertation had been reviewed, edited, and formatted, it will be delivered to you by email for your review.  Then you can contact me with any questions and provide the remaining payment due.

I Offer Ultra-Fast Turnaround Time

I often work with clients who have a substantial piece of work due within 4-5 business days.

My Goal

I make sure that your document is returned in the most perfect condition and is well accepted by your reviewing committee. I have always stood behind my clients.  You can hand over all your research paper editing and formatting worries to me and I will make sure you are able to present the best ever dissertation to your research supervisors.  If changes are needed, they will be completed at no additional cost to you.  Rest assured, your manuscript will be kept CONFIDENTIAL.  My website is SSL certified and uploads and downloads are securely encryted, and I have very strict PRIVACY policies.